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2014-03-13 Ottawa Citizen
'Before you buy: Choosing lighting' by Lisa Evans
OTTAWA - Good lighting plays an integral role in setting the mood of your home. The right amount of light, properly placed, can add warmth to a space and create an inviting ambience. Interior designer Linda Nolan always incorporates three to four sources of lighting in her room designs, creating a layered effect. Read More (pdf)
2014-03-06 Ottawa Citizen
'Eye on design: Loving the ‘Cinderella moment' by Paula McCooey
OTTAWA - Linda Nolan wears many hard hats. As a designer, decorator, and project manager, she has been creating award-winning spaces since 1975. Nolan’s experience stretches beyond her business, with many community contributions, including a four-year stint as an on-air design contributor with CJOH, past judge and chairwoman of the Housing Design Awards put on by the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association and past president of the Ottawa-Carleton Home Builders’ Association (forerunner to the GOHBA). Read More (pdf)
2014-01-09 Ottawa Citizen
'Before you buy: Choosing a flat-screen TV' by Lisa Evans
A family room staple, the size of the TV is often a source of disagreement and largely depends on whether the man or woman of the house is making the decision. But, ultimately, screen size should depend on a number of factors, says interior designer Linda Nolan, including how far away you’re sitting and where the TV is in the room. Here are four things to consider when choosing a new TV. Read More (pdf)
2014-01-04 Ottawa Citizen
'Seating, space key when choosing a dining table' by Lisa Evans
Whether throwing a dinner party for close friends or sitting down for a family meal, many lasting memories are created at the dining table. Choosing the right table for your dining room will depend on many factors, including the number of people you plan to seat, how often you entertain, the size of your space and whether you want a casual or more formal dining experience. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect dining table for your home. Read More (pdf)
2013 Ottawa Citizen
Designers: 'Finding the balance - Diplomacy, family and trends with staying power define this veteran' by Patrick Langston
You're an interior designer, delighted with how your latest project has come together. It's got presence; it's tasteful; it's contemporary without being slavishly trendy. Then your client insists on hanging, right where you can't avoid seeing it, a painting that's near and dear to him but is also staggeringly ugly. What do you do?

"You have to be very diplomatic," says veteran Ottawa-area designer Linda Nolan-Leeming. "But people are paying me hard-earned dollars, so I will always tell them the truth. It's funny how often they end up agreeing with me." Read More (pdf)
2013-10-31 Ottawa Citizen
'Before you buy: Think longevity for your bedroom set' by Lisa Evans
... Bed size matters. Interior designer Linda Nolan says the size of the bed is the first thing to consider when furnishing a bedroom. Measure the room and sketch the dimensions of the bed to ensure you’ll have enough space on either side and in front of closets and dressers to pull out and put away clothes... Read More (pdf)
2012-04-19 Ottawa Citizen
Designers: Finding the balance by Patrick Langston
...Linda as quietly well-groomed as the spaces she creates, seems unfazed by any design conundrum thrown her way. But then she's been designing everything from builders' model homes to commercial space for more than 35 years...

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2012-04-18 Ottawa Citizen
Live Chat: Design ideas for small paces, host Kate Heartfield with special guest Linda Nolan
Kate Heartfield Hi everyone! I'm here with designer Linda Nolan, of Linda Nolan Interiors. We're talking about the challenges of living in small space. Welcome Linda!

Linda Nolan Hi! and thanks for having me here today!

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2010-10-14 Ottawa Citizen
'Making a house a home - Couple's first renovation a smashing success' by Pamela Eadie, Citizen advertising features
Anne and Gene lived in 13 different homes all over the work during the first 15 years of their marriage. In 1992, they purchased a home in Kanata, and have lived there ever since. But they completed their first-ever renovation only recently.

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